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Home Media Storage offers the following products and services:
- Installation of media storage devices so you can reliably store and share your home media
- Installation of home computer networks so you can share your media throughout your home
- Training on how to capture and organize digital media
- Installation of computer based home theater equipment for viewing your home media
- Conversion of music, photos, and videos to a format easily played or viewed on a computer


The Home Media Storage network is built around a media storage server that stores all of your digital media very reliably.
  • Data is backed up automatically to prevent data loss if a disk drive fails.
  • The server runs independently of your desktop computer so it is more resistant to viruses and crashes due to operating system upgrades, infected email attachments, and software programs that behave badly.
  • The server continously monitors the data storage hardware and sends an email to you if it detects any problems.


Home Network:

Our sales team will provide a free quote to install wired and/or wireless networks in your home. Each home has different requirements so schedule an appointment and we will evaluate your home and make a recommendation based on your needs.


  • Learn how to organize your media so you can search, sort, and play from Microsoft Windows and Apple MacIntosh based PCs.
  • Learn how to import photos, music, and videos
  • Learn how to convert old (analog) media to digital and store it on your mediaserver.
  • Learn how to create music zones in your home
  • Learn how to create custom slide shows with music
Training is provided for small groups of 8 or less. Please contact our sales staff for information on upcoming training classes.

Media Conversion Services:

Each year, your video tapes degrade and the image quality gets worse. Before too long, your old tapes might be ruined unless you convert them to digital and store them on other media such as DVD and computer hard drives. Home Media Storage provides a service to convert:
  • photographs: 35mm negatives, slides, and paper photos
  • 8mm and hi-8 video
  • VHS tape
  • 8mm digital tape
Please contact our sales staff for digital media conversion pricing.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you would like to speak with a sales representative, please call 916-220-0560